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Automated predictive analytics

Nodal Claims Triage

Optimize claims performance, identify at-risk claims, and reduce cost

The challenge

Effective claims processing is more important—and more challenging—than ever

Rising claim costs and increasing claim complexity make it critical to identify and manage high-cost claims as early as possible. With experienced claims professionals retiring, claims departments face the challenge of hiring new staff and transferring knowledge to maintain quality claims handling. Insurers must embrace AI to successfully navigate these challenges, optimizing efficiency, and ensuring continued success.

The solution

Use AI to predict and manage volatile claims

Nodal® Claims Triage helps insurers and employers reduce claim severity by accelerating the identification of problematic claims with AI, allowing for timely implementation of cost-mitigation strategies. Harnessing the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to extract insights from adjuster notes and other unstructured data, our predictive models help you triage claims quickly and accurately.


Nodal Claims Triage benefits

Improved claims triage

Identify high-cost claims more consistently, allowing claims departments to prioritize and allocate resources effectively.

Cost Reduction

Reduce the cost of claims and lower cycle times to improve your bottom line.

Data driven decision making

Uncover valuable insights into trends and potential risks, empowering claims departments to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Trust built-in expertise

Benefit from our decades of hands-on experience in claims operations and actuarial science.


Nodal Claims Triage features

Predictive Analytics

Organize unstructured data with powerful technology that will in turn predict volatile and high-cost claims by extracting information from adjuster notes shortly after the claim is reported.

Natural Language Processing

Leverage our proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to identify claims faster and more accurately. This technology extracts key information from unstructured data, such as adjuster notes. This results in faster and more accurate predictions than structured data alone.

Tailored Solution

Meet your specific business needs with a comprehensive model that comes ready to deploy. Nodal Claims Triage goes beyond a on-size-fits-all approach, as our team tailors models to each client’s specific data.

Main dashboard overview

Automate claim identification

Highlight high, medium, and low-scoring claims, as well as active alerts.

Compare outcomes to similar claims

View claims marked as similar by through our advanced algorithms, enabling comparisons to historical outcomes.

Rescore claims

Toggle risk factors and see the impact on the score immediately.

Track ROI and other KPIs

Track ROI based on our unique algorithm.

Identify trends in your claims population

Summarize trends in risk characteristics over time.

Learn more about Nodal Claims Triage

Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

Learn more about Nodal Claims Triage

Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

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