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Benchmarking and Predictive Analytics

Nodal Medical Benchmarking

Combat rising workers’ compensation insurance costs with data-driven benchmarks and targeted early intervention.

The challenge

Workers’ compensation claims are increasingly expensive, with limited visibility into comparable group health benchmarks

On average, WC payers spend 60 to 100% more than Group Health payers for the same conditions. Despite the critical nature of medical management, WC payers have little insight into their peers in Group Health.

The solution

Leverage Milliman’s proprietary group health benchmarks to identify excessive medical spending in WC

Nodal Medical Benchmarking helps clients compare WC outcomes to Group Health for the same conditions on a risk-adjusted basis. These benchmarks are based on Milliman’s proprietary Group Health database. These benchmarks bring transparency and allow WC payers to identify opportunities to reduce medical costs.

Milliman Nodal named 2023 Innovation Award winner

Milliman’s Nodal Medical Benchmarking for WC was carefully chosen by an independent panel of professional risk managers who truly understand excellence in the field. This award highlights the unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge products and services to the industry.


Nodal Medical Benchmarking benefits

Reduce costs

Identify and address excessive utilization and unit costs quickly.

Strategic insight

Identify drivers of excess medical spending and collaborate with Milliman consultants to develop strategies to reduce costs.

Trust built-in expertise

Benefit from Group Health and WC data and benchmarks enriched by Milliman experts including actuaries, clinicians, and claims professionals.

Market-leading data

Exclusive access to detailed Group Health medical benchmarks, available to the WC industry only through Nodal Medical Benchmarking for Workers’ Comp.


Nodal Medical Benchmarking features

Treatment benchmarks

Use benchmarks based on Milliman’s enriched group health database for conditions frequently found in WC.

Provider ratings

Evaluate provider performance and find the highest-performing provider near an injured worker.

Automated benchmarking

Compare and monitor medical costs for open and closed claims compared to group health benchmarks.

Dynamic reports

Access all data in a web-based tool and easily track KPIs and trends.

Main dashboard overview

Automated benchmarks

Medical cost benchmarks are updated automatically as new information emerges throughout the course of treatment.

View a complete list of claims

View, search, sort, and expert a complete list of claims showing the difference between the Milliman benchmark and the actual claim cost, along with provider ratings and other key information.

Drill down into a single claim

Drill down into a single claim to analyze potential overspending based on specific providers, procedures, and categories.

Evaluate provider performance

Compare the historical performance of providers on a risk-adjusted basis.

Strategic insight

Dive into drivers of cost variation across your claim population.

Learn more about Nodal Medical Benchmarking

Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

Learn more about Nodal Medical Benchmarking

Connect with our team to schedule a demo.

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